• Voice Recorder USB 8GB Flash Drive Data Storage
Voice Recorder USB 8GB Flash Drive Data Storage
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This USB Voice Recorder is a great spy gadget to pick up incriminating conversations, and no one would know since it looks like a regular flash drive. Not only can you record meetings or seminars but the USB Voice Recorder doubly acts as a flash drive with 8GB storage, allowing you to carry important file while doing you espionage work.

- Works as a digital voice recorder and as a USB flash drive with 8GB memory.
- If only storing audio recordings it can hold over 140 hours of conversations.
- Easily upload recordings to computer via the built-in USB port.
- Built-in lithium rechargeable battery, plug into USB port on computer to charge.
- A fully charged battery gives at least 12 hours working time.
- Use to covertly record incriminating conversations.
- Records audio in WAV file format, plays on Windows Media and more.
- No software needed, completely plug-in-play.
- Format as FAT32, the normal format for flash drives.
- Bit Rate: 384 kbps (kilobytes per second).

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